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Data privacy statement

We are not interested in collecting your personal data, the purpose of this website is for you to inform yourself about us, not the other way around. All personal data gathered when visiting our websites is processed in compliance with applicable data protection legislation. We neither publish your data nor transmit them to third parties on an unauthorized basis.

In the following section, we explain which data we record when you visit our website, and how they are utilized.

A. General information

1. Scope of data processing
As a matter of principle, we gather and utilize users’ personal data only to the extent required to ensure the functioning of the website and its contents and services. The gathering and utilization of a users’ personal data normally occurs after users have granted their consent. An exception occurs where data processing is legally permitted.

2. Legal basis of data processing
To the extent that permission of the affected individual is obtained for the processing of personal data, Article 6 (1) lit. a of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) serves as the legal basis.
In the processing of personal data to fulfill a contract whose contractual party is the individual affected, Article 6 (1) lit. b GDPR serves as the legal basis. This also applies to processing required to implement pre-contractual measures.
If processing is required to safeguard the justified interest of the provider or a third party and the interests, basic rights and basic freedoms of the affected individual do not outweigh the first-mentioned interest, Article 6 (1) lit. f GDPR serves as the basis for such processing.

3. Data deletion and storage duration
The affected individual’s personal data are deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose of the storage ceases to apply. Storage can also occur if provided for by European or national legislators in EU regulations, acts or other legislation to which we are subject. A blocking or deletion of data then occurs only if a storage period prescribed by one of the aforementioned norms expires, unless a necessity exists in relation to the further storage of the data for the arrangement of a contract or the fulfilment of a contract.

4. Contact details of the individuals responsible
If you have any questions or concerns concerning the use of your personal data, please contact the person mentioned in thelegal notice (Impressum).

B. Provision of the website and creation of log files

Our website is hosted on dedicated webspace at Hetzner. Eeach time you visit our website, your ip address is transmitted to Hetzner, but only saved in anonymized form. Therefore in all the statistics available to us, we cannot identify individual ip addresses or other private data.

C. Registration form

A registration form is available on our website for the purposes of registering to an event lead by our group. If a user opts for this, the data entered in the data entry form are transmitted to us, and we save the data. These are generally your email address, family name and first name. We inform you about the specific processing of the data and we obtain your consent as part of the utilization procedure. Reference is also made to this data protection statement. The data are utilized exclusively to organize the event.

The legal basis for the processing of data when utilizing the registration form is the user’s consent pursuant to Article 6 (1) lit. a GDPR. We employ the processing of personal data from the data entry form solely to process of organizing the event. The data are deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose for which they were gathered. At any time, users can notify the listed contact partners that they are revoking their consent to the processing of personal data.

D. Data transmission

The management and storage of your personal information occurs in the case of selected services:
  • Registration form (section C)

We explicitly state, that transmitting any data via the internet is a security risk and a gapless protection against third parties accessing data is not possible.

E. Rights of individuals affected

As an individual whose personal data are gathered as part of the aforementioned services, you have, in principle, the following rights, to the extent that no legal exceptions are applicable in individual cases:
  • Information (Article 15 GDPR)
  • Correction (Article 16 GDPR)
  • Deletion (Article 17 (1) GDPR)
  • Restriction of processing (Article 18 GDPR)
  • Data transmission (Article 20 GDPR)
  • Revocation of processing (Article 21 GDPR)
  • Revocation of consent (Article 7 (3) GDPR)
  • Right to complain to the regulator (Article 77 GDPR)

F. Inclusion of social media in this website

We do not use any plugins for social media, but we provide links to the accounts of certain team members on linkedin and twitter. We do not know what kind of data is collected by others if you follow these links.

G. Usage of the 2d-world